The Spawn Chunks 079: Ambience and Inspiration

Mar 9, 2020

Jonny and Joel check out the changes and new Nether sounds in the latest snapshot, discuss balancing Minecraft chores, and share some creative resources for building inspiration.

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Minecraft News

  • Minecraft Dungeons icon added to the Minecraft launcher.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Rabelias
RE: Make Busy vs. Busy Building

Hi Johnny and Joel,

You’re both working on massive projects that will keep you busy for several weeks. In my own world I’ve been noodling on a stone-age village build for a month or more, and just when I think I’ve got a notion to begin, I spend an hour collecting honey from a bee hive, or collecting pumpkin seeds from my garden.

How do you keep all of the errands and tasks from being a distraction long enough to make progress on longer projects?

Your Squirrel-in-training,


Using Art as Inspiration

Friend of the show MythicalSausage recently released a video about how to build in Minecraft using concept art as inspiration. Jonny and Joel take open up that discussion and suggest a few different resources or approaches in addition to art as sources of inspiration for Minecraft.


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