The Spawn Chunks 078: That New Server Smell

Mar 2, 2020

Joel and Jonny take a look at the new blocks and features in the latest Minecraft snapshot before discussing when – and if – you should reset your Minecraft world.

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  • Jonny’s mountain of progress.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Reagan P.
RE: Mountains

Dear Joel and Jonny, 

I have really enjoyed listening to your show. What would you like to see in the new upcoming Mountain Update?

Reagan P.

FROM: Dallen (Ironshot)
RE: 9 Year Burnout

Hey Johnny and Joel 

I am a big fan of the podcast and would like your guy’s thoughts on burnout. I have been playing on and off for almost nine years now, but because of my long history I often burn out when I come back to experience the new updates.

With that being said, I still enjoy watching Minecraft YouTubers like you guys.

How can I prevent the burn out from playing a game for over half my life.

Thanks for your time,


Are Diamonds Really Forever? When to Reset your Minecraft World

With the recent reset of the popular Hermitcraft server to make way for a seventh season of fresh new content from its members, many Minecrafter players may be bitten by that “new server smell” and want to follow suit and restart their own worlds, but is starting fresh really what your Minecraft gameplay needs? When is the best time to start fresh? Or, if you don’t want to reset your Minecraft experience, what options do you have moving forward to keep your game experience fresh and fun?

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