The Spawn Chunks 076: Piglins vs. Hoglins

Feb 17, 2020

Podcasters ponder potential piglin peak profits! Joel and Jonny explore the new piglin and hoglin mobs added in the latest Minecraft snapshot and discuss item rarity.

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Minecraft News

Next week GeminiTay will join us on The Spawn Chunks Episode 77!


Chunk Mail

FROM: Allan B.
RE: Bringing The Family Together

Hey Jonny and Joel!

I caught your episode last week when you read that email about the father bonding with his step daughter over Minecraft. My wife and I have an autistic daughter, she’s almost six now, and I have autism as well. We’ve struggled in the past communicating with each other and getting along but she watches Minecraft videos on YouTube when she’s allowed tablet time and we got her Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Nintendo Switch for Christmas.

We have been playing together as a family ever since and it’s really brought us all closer together. We’re able to communicate with each other more effectively. It’s become a staple in spending time together over these colder, winter months.

I also want to add that Pixlriffs and your Minecraft Let’s Play/Tutorial on YouTube has been paramount to us learning the game and helping us guide what we should be doing and teaching us the ins and outs so we can better explore on our own and be more confident players. 

Thank you both for making the content you do and having so many family friendly videos, podcasts, and being content creators that I can trust when my daughter wants to watch YouTube videos. 

Just wanted to share my appreciation for you two and your hard work. Looking forward to listening to many more of your podcasts and watching more of your videos and content.

Keep up the great work!

Thank You!

FROM: Oliver M.
RE: Bringing The Family Together

Hi Joel and Jonny,

I have autism and have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.2 when my big brother started to play.

I don’t like to play single player but am yet to find a good community to play with. My brother made me a server but playing on that didn’t last as his interests changed. I would like to thank you for showing me about the community around autism and Minecraft!

Do you have any other community servers you would recommend to me?

Jonny, why did you stop decidedly vanilla because it seemed to be going well?

Has Joel has put anything out on youtube regarding his modern city build? 

I am hoping to become a patron soon. 

Thank for everything the podcast is amazing 


Item Rarity & Minecraft Snapshot 20W07A

Joel and Jonny focus on the new hoglin and piglin game mechanics, specifically as it pertains to in game items and drops, drop rates, and item rarity.

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