The Spawn Chunks 074: Nether Update Teasers

Feb 5, 2020

Joel and Jonny discuss their latest Minecraft Skyblock predicaments and speculate on the details of the upcoming Nether Update before diving into related, and unrelated, listener email.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Dillon
RE: Recording & Nether Update

Hi Johnny, Hi Joel!

I have two quick questions: 

  1. What recording software do you use to record both your voices from so far away!??
  2. What would be one thing that you would like to see in the Nether update. Personally I’d love it if they made those Netherwart tree looking things give us a new red/blue plank instead of just new decoration blocks (Though I’d never complain about new decoration blocks.)


FROM: MechMorphic – Landscape Artist 
RE: Horizontal Nether Portals

Howdy from Texas!

I live at a University, and a few of my friends have started a Minecraft server. I’ve been playing the game for six years, but most of my friends are new, so often they ask things I take for granted. One of those friends asked why you can’t generate a nether portal horizontally. I honestly hadn’t thought about the possibilities that could open up both with traps, farms, and in building.

Would you like for there to be horizontal nether portals? If so, what would you do with portals that you can’t do already? 

Amazing podcast, thank you both! 


FROM: ZweisteinHD

Regarding your question on MSPT this is milli seconds per tick. If the mspt is below 50 you won’t notice any lag. But it’s mostly for the technical players to measure lag a little more precisely. Normally the TPS (ticks per second) should be at 20. 1000ms : 20 ticks = 50 mspt. That’s why the MSPT shouldn’t go above 50.

FROM: Adam H. (Personal email I wanted to share)
RE: Connecting With 10 Year Old (Hello! Huge fan! Podcast is amazing!)

As you can tell from the subject line I am a huge fan.  I always listen to the podcasts with you and Pix and follow you both on YouTube and twitch.  

Long story short I have been dating this amazing woman for a while and she has a 10 year old daughter who has autism.  We have always gotten along but as you can imagine she doesn’t bond with others as fast as kids who don’t have the same challenges. Last year I got her Minecraft for her birthday… And instantly realized I had no clue how to play let alone teach her!

With the help of you and Mr. Pixlriff I was able to learn a ton about the game and it has created this amazing bond between the two of us! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you both do!

Thanks again for the great content!

Adam H.

Easter Egg

Mojang usually releases updates and snapshots shortly after we finish recording The Spawn Chunks. This week is no different. 🤣 We delayed until Wednesday to accommodate for some sick time, and within an hour of wrapping our recording session, the latest snapshot was out for The Nether Update. So… You’re welcome. 😜


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