The Spawn Chunks 070: The Buzzy Bees Update

Dec 16, 2019

Joel and Jonny stop to smell the roses and explore the full release of bees in the latest update, Minecraft Buzzy Bees, then raise their antennae and talk bug fixes, performance improvements the reception of Buzzy Bees across multiple platforms.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Another_ JT
RE: Inside Inventory

Hi Joel and Pick,

Regarding Inventory management. I am surprised that so many “new” mechanisms are being suggested to deal with inventory when it could be dealt with by existing game mechanics.

We already have shulker boxes and enchantments. What about allowing shulker boxes to be enchanted, perhaps with a vacuum enchantment to auto-collect a specific block type or a backpack enchantment that lets you access the shulker inside your inventory.

These could have levels as well, the vacuum one could collect 1, 2 or 3 types of blocks based on the level. This provides some gates to achieve, as it requires shulker boxes, and applying enchantments can be gated behind the normal use of XP levels. 

Keep up the great work on the show,


FROM: Carter O.
RE: 1.15 Performance For Me

Hey Joel and Jonny,

I play on what can only be described as a poisonous potato computer (2014 MacBook Air), and so I only get around 45-50 FPS when playing with Optifine. My render distance at 12 with nothing else running at the same time. Without Optifine I can barely manage 8 chunks before my laptop turns into a turbine engine, but I thought I would chance it with 1.15 and see if performance had really been improved – and boy was I not disappointed.

I managed to push my render distance all the way to 14 (chunks) and still get my usual 50 FPS, plus smoother chunk loading, particularly in newer chunks where before I’d have to wait 15 seconds for the ground to actually appear beneath my feet. Now there are no issues at all. I know some are struggling with performance issues, but I’ve been experiencing nothing but smooth sailing. This is all single player though. I can’t speak to what’s happening on servers.

Minecraft has always been viewed as a bit of a hot mess, particularly for the many of us that have recently returned to the game after last playing a long while ago, so seeing Mojang buckle down and give the game a good clean-up has really impressed me and may well dispel the ill perception of Minecraft’s performance compared to the quality of contemporary games. I can imagine that you guys must be happy after going through fairly unpredictable updates throughout the years, but I think for the returning and newer players who’ve stuck around for this update, Mojang have been able to impress us (or at least me) enough to keep us around in the long haul.

Happy holidays to you guys and to all the listeners out there, can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020!



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