The Spawn Chunks 067: Re-Inventing Inventory

Nov 25, 2019

Jonny and Joel discuss “Buzzy Bees” Pre-release 1. Full release set for December 10, 2019. On the round table, we ask, does villager trading makes Minecraft too easy. What could be done to improve the player inventory? And, should Minecraft drop more building hints?

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Noam – Landscape Artist

Hey Pix and Joel! [It’s Noam, from your patreon discord.]

I started playing minecraft very recently. My first moments in Minecraft were in 1.14.

My problem with the game is how easy it is, once you know how to exploit villagers. 

For example, in my world, I spawned in a plains biome and found a village not long after. I built a house near the village, and right away started to zombify and heal villagers after I got a name tag and a potion brewer. 

Then i just used the bookshelf/book trades to duplicate emeralds and I did this for a few reasons – to get any book I wanted basically for free, and to farm XP. I even used it to mend my tools a few times, although it does take a while.

What I’m trying to say is that the game becomes really easy when you play like this. You don’t even need to mine because you can buy enchanted diamond gear from the villagers, and you don’t need to farm food because you can buy food from them too. I still did the mining, because that’s how I learned to play the game (and I prefer it this way).

I’m even considering playing without villager trades in my next world, since at this point I’m in the end game and it doesn’t matter as much.

In my opinion, if they just fix the broken trades, the game would be much more fun and challenging. 

What do you guys think about this?

November Round Table


  • What does – or should – Minecraft suggest for you to build?
    • Is it Minecraft’s job to prompt players to build with other materials?
    • Could it do better at providing archetypal examples of those builds?
    • Could more mechanics be tied to building, to require players to build more?


  • How would you improve the inventory management in Minecraft?
    • Would going the direction of “bag” mods something that would help?
    • What would be a good player price for this kind of tool?
    • Would we want a larger inventory in general?
    • Would larger stack sizes “break” the Minecraft experience?

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