The Spawn Chunks 065: Adventures In Minecraft Earth

Nov 12, 2019

Jonny and Joel discuss Minecraft Earth Adventures now that the UK has early access and the Minecraft Java Edition snapshot squashes more bugs. Plus, reindeer?

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Lord_Valor
RE: Minecraft Earth Tread vs. Travel

Hi Pixlriffs and Joel, 

In response to last week’s episode about Minecraft Earth, I would like to throw out an idea I had to help balance walking and driving clickables. Maybe if you are walking and open up a clickable, you get more resources compared to being in a car?

Another idea, though I don’t know if it could be implemented, is the number of steps you take can give you certain rewards. Take 1,000 steps, you get some wood, 2,000 steps you get some dirt, and the rewards get better the more steps you take. This would give people who are walking an advantage over people who are traveling in a car, yet the people in the car still have enough clickables to keep playing the game. This would also promote health and fitness if that is really what the Minecraft Earth team wants.

Overall though, I do like where this game is going, and can’t wait to get my hands on it myself.

Thanks for reading, 


FROM: Ron D.
RE: Minecraft Earth Questions

Hi guys,

After watching Pixlriffs play Minecraft Earth on his Youtube channel this week, and thinking back to last weeks podcast, I thought of a few questions.

1.) From what you know is it possible to get obsidian in the game? I think it would be pretty cool if you could go to the nether, and maybe even the end if they added a stronghold to a build plate!

2.) Do you know if hostile mobs spawn in the dark like regular minecraft? My favorite redstone contraptions have always been mob farms and it would be really cool to make a sky mob farm and have hostile mobs rain down on your front yard!

I’m really looking forward to playing Minecraft Earth. Hopefully it comes out in the US soon.


FROM: Carter O. (Opperman)

RE: G’day! A question/some food for thought from an avid listener.

Hey Jonny and Joel,

Happy 64th episode! A stack of this podcast is equivalent to having a stack of diamonds in my book, and here’s hoping we can reach a full double chest in the future.

I first started Minecraft back in 2012 as a very eager kid but played the game in a more surface-level way. I soon fell out of gaming entirely as various commitments became a bigger priority, and only got back into it a couple months ago at the urging of my younger brother. I was really surprised to find that the game has gained some incredible depth (to the point where it warrants a wonderful podcast like this!) and soon found myself doing a lot of research, uncovering more and more layers of the game as I got deeper.

I’ve always been a more academic/technical person so I was naturally drawn to farming and redstone, yet I’ve lately been looking for ways to challenge myself and branch out into more creative pursuits, and Minecraft has just been the perfect medium for me to do so. I easily get stuck looking at a blank surface, so I try and create a contraption or farm first and use that as inspiration for a build, e.g. building a tree farm, and then a fantasy oak tree big enough to encompass the farm and not get blown up in the process.

The depth and grind of this game is fantastic to me, and it’s been incredibly beneficial to try and get creative and bring an idea to blocky life. But it’s also a double-edged sword – I get sucked into the world and enjoy challenging myself so much that it’s taking over other activities that I love. So, my question is: how do you guys find ways to balance your passion for Minecraft with other important parts of your lives? I’d really love to reach a state where I can play regularly enough to tap into that creative mindset and bring that into my life, but also not get consumed by everything that the game has to offer.

Cheers and best,


Minecraft Earth Adventures

Jonny walks through his experiences in Minecraft Earth Adventures and shares tips and tricks on how to best play the game and progress on in-app tasks and time management, instead of using any real world money to buy build plates or speed up crafting timers.

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