The Spawn Chunks 062: Hoglin the Honey Block

Oct 21, 2019

Joel and Jonny discuss the changes to the honey block in the new Minecraft snapshot, the piglin beast has a new name, and Minecraft Earth is in early access. Plus, lots of listener Chunk Mail.

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Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: SurpriseTea

Hi guys. 

Since Mojang have changed their mind about honey and slime sticking to each other, it raises a question; What else can the community get if it will whine loud enough? 

Does if mean if a big influencer will ask for the autocrafting table again and again for example, Mojang will eventually add it? 

I’d assume the answer would be “no”, but where is the line then?

On the other hand, aren’t players the ones who ultimately decide what makes the game better?

Have a nice day,


FROM: Knightrider009

Hi Johnny and Joel, 

On the topic of the Piglin this week, and more specifically the Bastions they are supposed to inhabit: after looking up the word, I discovered that [by definition] a Bastion is a protrusion in a defensive wall or fortification. This got me thinking about the possibilities of the Piglin Bastion being incorporated into the Nether fortress – and the potential for it to be incorporated into the bridges of the fortress. 

I don’t know how the Piglin rivalry with Wither skeletons would work, but maybe it could be that their fortress has been overrun and they are holding out in these extensions of the Nether fortress called Bastions. To my knowledge, this would be the first time a new structure has been added to an existing one.

Keep up the great work,


FROM: Milo O’Reilly on “061 – Stuck On Honey Blocks

The honey block is a slime block but for peaceful mode.

FROM: Animeking1357 on “061- Stuck On Honey Blocks”

I’m really hoping that us playing Bedrock get more stuff from Java version. We still can’t do spectator mode whenever we want.

FROM: Apwy on “059 – Minecon Live Recap”

I would like in Minecraft Earth that you have the ability to trade materials with others. “Ok, we need some wood. I’ll go buy some logs from the log dealer, and you find someone who sells some stone bricks.

FROM: Bradley Wright

With 6 biome updates promised, and 2 of them seemingly higher priority than the others due to fan voting, could we start seeing biomes more often, such as 1.16.X, or would Mojang be more likely put them in as a single 1.17 update sometime in the future?

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