The Spawn Chunks 060: Perfecting Fun with impulseSV

Oct 7, 2019

Joel and Jonny welcome impulseSV to podcast to talk about the work/life balance of a Minecraft content creator, snapshots, streaming, and what he’s looking forward to in the future of Minecraft.

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Special Guest: impulseSV

You can find and follow Minecraft content from impulseSV on
YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.

Hermitcraft Season 6

1.15 Skyblock with Skizzleman

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Tyler S.

I have been playing Minecraft for a long time. So, the idea of a major Nether update sounds amazing and very much needed! I have mostly positive thoughts about the new mobs and trees coming to the 

Nether. However I want to know if you feel that in the long run, if the nether is just becoming like a variant of the overworld? Having more life and a food source in the Nether is useful, but will this stop the Nether from being the barren wasteland of lava that it is commonly known as or add to it?

Thanks – Tyler

FROM: Cosmic_Dancer

Hey guys! 

I’d love to hear from Impulse on how he balances and manages a full time job, family life and then still managing to put out such fantastic content in terms of videos and live streams. Does he plan things out to like a set schedule or is it more of ‘it happens when it happens’ approach. 

As always – love love love the podcast and the community! 

Stay Chunky! 

Sarah (Cosmic)

Perfecting Fun with impulseSV

impulseSV was kind enough to hang with us for a full two hours to talk about the amount of work that goes into creating Hermitcraft and Skyblock videos while managing a full time job, and family time. The conversation covered everything from scheduling, to streaming, and the upcoming changes to Minecraft.

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