The Spawn Chunks 055: Sounds Like Bugs

Sep 2, 2019

Jonny and Joel discuss the focus on bugs in the new Minecraft snapshot update and run with a listener Chunk Mail suggested topic about the direction of Minecraft sound.

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Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Watti

Is it my imagination or does the directionality of sound need an update? I personally find it annoying and distracting that mobs sound just as loud through rock wall as they do in your face. Also when using headphones it would be nice if the stereo changed direction depending on your facing. Am I the only one bugged by this?


Minecraft Sounds

Since we briefly touched on the sound design of Minecraft: Dungeons last week, we thought we would discuss how recognizable Minecraft sounds are, and whether or not the sound out of place in a more modern game.

What are our favourite and least favourite sounds in Minecraft?

What Minecraft sounds do we think could use some love?

What sounds do we think are missing from Minecraft?

What are our favourite tracks from the Minecraft Soundtrack?

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