The Spawn Chunks 048: Plug ‘n Play with TheHotDish

Jul 15, 2019

Joel and Jonny welcome TheHotDish to the podcast for a round table discussion on managing multiplayer servers and keeping Minecraft fresh, and up to date. The latest look at Minecraft Earth and latest snapshot are also on the table.

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Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: SurpriseTea
RE: Yuzu and the Lifespan of Multiplayer Servers

Hi Pix and Joel (and HotDish)

On a topic of a lifespan of a multiplayer servers. If a decently sized content creator has a patreon or a twitch sub server, it could be a good option to try, because new people replace those who left the server, but those servers are typically not TOO big to become a public dumpster fire.

Love, Surprise.

Round Table Discussion

The Hot Dish
When running or participating in a multiplayer Minecraft server, what methods have you seen that have kept you active and interested in the server?

What is a type of go-to task or project that you switch to in order to keep yourself interested in Minecraft when you’re current plans become a slog?

Do you update to the latest Minecraft release as soon as it’s available, or do you wait for reports from other players on potential bugs?

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