The Spawn Chunks 045: Avoiding The Void

Jun 24, 2019

While Jonny and Joel patiently wait for the 1.14.3 update – Spoiler! It drops during the show. – they have been spending a lot of time in The End and share some thoughts after their prolonged exposure to the void. Plus, listener Chunk Mail.

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Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Erin / SonOfAnder

Hi there Joel and Pix,

I am currently listening to the Dungeons episode and my immediate thought is to let players create custom dungeons and environments within core Minecraft that could then be imported into Dungeons.

Seems like this would be a super cool way to allow the two to interact, and custom maps are always hugely compelling. What are your thoughts?

Cheers, Erin

FROM: Jacob

Hey Joel and Pix!

You often talk about what you would like to see more of inside the game, and rate the changes Mojang have made to new updates.

Personally I would like to see more multi-leveled features. For instance create more endgame-type items that improve quality of life which would encourage the player to obtain them. For example, sugarcane has multi-leveled features in a way to create paper and sugar which can be used to create firework rockets, books, cakes, pumpkin pie, and can be used to trade with villagers. So there are many benefits and features of sugarcane, even in the endgame. This creates an incentive for players to go out and farm it and it inspires players to build new cool farm designs.

So I would like more items and features like this, that have multiple levels, instead of introducing new “dead-end features”.

Thanks, Jacob.

What could Mojang do to improve The End and the player experience there?

What kind of potential improvements to The End do we think will improve it aesthetically? What about gameplay? Fast travel? New blocks? We step into the vast unknown and share what we think could give The End a new beginning.

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