The Spawn Chunks 044: Minecraft Dungeons Breakdown

Jun 17, 2019

Joel and Jonny break down the latest Minecraft news out of E3 2019, including some hands on reports from Minecraft Earth and a deeper look at Minecraft Dungeons.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: NoxusCookie (and daughter)

Hello Pixl and Joel,

My daughter and I listen to your podcast whenever we are in the car. Currently we have made it to Episode 33. I started listening to it on my own and soon after she started listening to it with me. Today, she asked me to get in touch with you guys for her.

FROM: Lillianna

“Hey Pixlriffs and Joel. My name is Lillianna. I wanted to tell you guys thank you for making The Spawn Chunks. I’m not very good at playing Survival Minecraft and listening to your videos helps me play better.”

Keep up the good work guys, love the podcasts.

Minecraft Dungeons E3 2019

Jonny and Joel break down what we know about Minecraft Dungeons so far, things we’ve noticed from the trailer revealed at E3 2019 and related articles, and speculate on what game features might find their way over into the core Minecraft experience, and visa versa.

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