The Spawn Chunks 041: Show Me The Muddy Pig

May 27, 2019

Jonny and Joel break down the latest news out of the Minecraft Creator Summit, discuss missed block opportunities in the latest release and speculate automation in the round table.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Ethan

I am a 12 year old who has played minecraft for five years. I started on Xbox 360, then Xbox One S. Now, I am starting to play on PC. I have downloaded the Java demo and I am planning on buying the full version as I am taking a course to learn how to code and mod inside of Java.

Are there any mods you could suggest?

Also, I am a HUGE fan of PVP. Are there any servers you would recommend?




Hey Joel and Pix,

Something Xisumavoid mentioned in his Hermitcraft video a few days ago got me thinking. He had found a Pillager Outpost and made a rudimentary XP and crossbow farm out of it. Now that the Pillager Outpost is in the game officially, what do you think of hostile mob farms that use buildings instead of spawned cages?

It seems like that’s the way Minecraft seems to be going, with wither skeletons, shulkers, guardians, and now pillagers being tied to certain structures. Is this something you’d like to see Minecraft do more? And if so what ideas would you like to see?

Thanks for the great show, keep up the good content!


Discussion Topic


What is the logic behind obvious omissions from new additions to the game?


What additional Minecraft features could be automated without breaking the core gameplay?

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