The Spawn Chunks 039: Turning The Tables

May 13, 2019

Jonny and Joel take a look at the improvements made in the fresh Minecraft 1.14.1 update, answer listener chunk mail about profession blocks and ponder the power in new villager trading.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: MukrizPlayz

RE: Profession Table Discussion.

I have been a Minecraft player since 2013. I have played alot with cousins and friends. I have been playing with mods as well. It got me thinking in speculation, in the near (next) update, what if crafting high level tools from a crafting table is no longer possible and the only tools craftable are wooden and stone. All ore/ingot related items could only be crafted through the smithing table

and the same thing goes for the fletching table and bows.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

FROM: THomez (T Home ez)

RE: How do I improve my building?

I have been playing Minecraft for three  years but my building is not very good. Did it take you guys a long time for you to learn to build well? Or did it come quickly? Did you watch tutorials?

How do you keep going and still be creative?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Villager Trading: Is it too easy now?

Is switching villager trades to find the ideal trade by breaking and replacing workstations too easy? Has this new trading mechanic taken the challenge out trading, removing the need for creating villager breeders and villager trading and sorting systems?

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