The Spawn Chunks 037: Village And Pillage With Python

Apr 29, 2019

Jonny and Joel are joined by Python to discuss the release of Minecraft 1.14 that Mojang squeezed out, perhaps a bit prematurely, on April 23rd. In our monthly roundtable we talk about new villager trading, Minecraft update constipation, and managing playtime on multiple servers.

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Guest: PhythonMC

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Beck Phillips

FROM: Beck Phillips




I’ve heard you mention the game Terraria before, and I was wondering what things do you think Minecraft does better than Terraria? And, what does Terraria do better than Minecraft? What would you want to be added to Minecraft from Terraria?


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Mining & Crafting

  • Python
  • Joel
    • Minecraft Update Constipation
      • With new blocks and new features being outlined in snapshots nearly each week. As snapshots roll into pre-releases do you fee, as I do, the desire to withhold many of your build ideas until the new changes, features and new blocks are available in the Minecraft?
  • Jonny
    • What are the pros and cons of playing on multiple worlds/servers?
      • Python, Joel, and I each have several different worlds we play on. Python has a single player series alongside Hermitcraft and some modded projects. Joel has both the Citadel and the Realm of Vasten. I have Survival Guide and Decidedly Vanilla (although the latter is on hiatus). What are the rewards and pitfalls of splitting your time between projects? Is it worth it to spread your efforts across multiple worlds, or do we find ourselves being spread too thin?

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