The Spawn Chunks 036: The Wrap Up Aquatic

Apr 22, 2019

With the Village and Pillage update upon us, Joel and Jonny take one last look ahead, gaging expectations, as well as a look back at the Update Aquatic and features that became game favourites and some that sank to the bottom.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: TheLoneCoyote

Dear Joel and Jonny,


I play Minecraft bedrock edition on a realm with my friends. I was hoping I could help clear up a few things from the last podcast.


When a new update gets added to Minecraft Bedrock, it doesn’t immediately update the realm. It updates as soon as the owner of the realm updates their version on their device then enters the server.


In Bedrock, unlike Java edition, you can’t choose what version of Minecraft you play on. Meaning as soon as you update your device you are stuck on that version, which is 1.10 at the time I am writing this email.

Also when you create a realm it is hooked up to a Xbox club where you have a private chat and activity feed with the members of your realm.


I hope this helps. I love the podcast. Keep up the good work!



A Look Back At The Update Aquatic

What were the highlights of Minecraft 1.13, the Update Aquatic for us? What features rose to the top? What mechanics sank to the bottom? Do we still love bubbles?

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