The Spawn Chunks 033: Food For Thought

Apr 1, 2019

Hunger bar warning. This episode will drive you to snack. Jonny and Joel discuss Minecraft food, or the lack there of, and how they think it could be made more appetizing to players. Plus, lots of news in the latest snapshot updates and finding the right version of Minecraft for you.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Thomas D. (TheTyrant25)

Hey Spawn Chunks,


I play Minecraft almost exclusively on mobile. I recently bought myself a new laptop, and I’m considering getting Minecraft for it. I’ve only really played on Bedrock before, but I really want to get Java Edition.


Should I get Java Edition, just because that’s what most people play, or windows 10 edition, just because all of my worlds are already there?


Would really like some advice.



Mining & Crafting

Minecraft Food

Aside from the advancement that requires you to eat everything, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to, say, craft a rabbit stew, or farm beets. How could players be incentivized to eat more food? Or should they?

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