The Spawn Chunks 030: Getting Creative with Grian

Mar 11, 2019

Joel and Jonny are joined by Grian for an in depth chat about creativity in Minecraft, the transition from creative to survival game play, Hermitcraft Season 6 shenanigans and listener questions.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: RedstonePixels

Hello Joel, Pixlriffs and Grian.

Love the Podcast, I don’t normally listen to podcasts but spawn chunks is great to listen while I am grinding or building projects in Minecraft.


So the question for Grian is that he changed to creative to survival recently – is he satisfied with the current survival building mechanics? Is there anything he would add to the game to help with Survival building, like a “builder’s wand” that lets you place 2, 3 or more blocks at the same time? Maybe with enchantments which could increasing the blocks you can place?



– RedstonePixels

FROM: Pancua – Content Engineer Spawn Chunks Member

Hello Grian!

I am so happy you are able to be on the Spawn Chunks and cannot wait to hear the episode! My question for you is regarding your builds on Hermitcraft Season 6. You have started playing more and more with builds that require redstone and you have made the comment in the past that you are not a redstone person. However, I am curious, as you continue to develop builds using redstone if your views are changing? Could you see yourself delving into more complicated redstone builds in the future?


Thanks for your time and I hope all of you have a fantastic day.



FROM: RougeSpark

Hello Pixlriffs and Joel, and Grian as well. I would like to ask Grian what he thinks of the 1.14 update so far. This may be a quite a handful, but I am very curious what Grian thinks.


Best Regards,


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