The Spawn Chunks 029: A Bright Idea

Mar 4, 2019

Jonny and Joel chime in on new note block sounds in the latest snapshot, wander around aimlessly looking or useful mobs in listener chunk mail, and discuss some issues in Minecraft brought to light in a video by Cubfan135.

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Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Isaac T.

Hey guys!


Been listening to the podcast for a while and got super excited when I saw a new episode this morning.


Do you think bows will become obsolete when 1.14 drops?


I personally feel like that unless bows get a new use (they will be underused compared to crossbows.) Maybe they could be made into grappling guns or something like that?


Love the podcast and videos and as always: keep up the good work!



FROM: Vincent

Hello Joel and Pix!


I’ve been listening to your podcasts all the time during my Minecraft sessions.


Do you think every mob should have a purpose?


Surprisingly, not many people talk about the usefulness of each mob. A recent trend is that the new mobs don’t really have a purpose in survival: Polar Bears, Foxes, Pandas etc. These mobs don’t drop a resource that advances your survival, unlike cows dropping leather, sheep providing wool, or phantoms dropping membranes. I’m a firm believer that every feature should have a purpose.


Are mobs added only for ambience and immersion worth updates?  



– Vincent

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