The Spawn Chunks 028: A Logical Approach

Feb 25, 2019

Joel and Jonny are joined by LogicalGeekBoy for the February round table to discuss how to keep technical Minecraft players interested in the game, the evangelical challenge of efficiency, and what we think Mojang could do to increase the excitement of exploring the Minecraft world.

Title card: Cactus XP farm by Ilmango (YouTube)

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Round Table Guest LogicalGeekBoy

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Pixel Brew

Hey Joel and fellow Pix!


The topic of futuristic blocks and items being brought into Minecraft was brought up in your discussion and I thought I’d weigh in on it. While I am not at all a modern or sci-fi builder to begin with, I do think that there are some interesting ways Mojang could bring these types of block to the game. One of which would be to simply add an additional dimension to the game, like the End or the Nether, that takes the player to a Minecraft of the future: the exact same seed as the original, but altered a bit to be more futuristic. New structures could appear in this futuristic dimension that replace the originals: larger and modernized villages with materials like metal, concrete, and brick to replace the original medieval ones. They could also have factory buildings that “produce” the various niche items like glass bottles, item frames, flower pots, etc.


What if there were discoverable enchantments that could be learned to enhance what you have? Like a bow enchant that makes it draw faster for slightly less damage, or a sword enchant that cripples foes at the cost of a slower reset, or a pickaxe enchant that smelts ores automatically but is incompatible with fortune/silk touch. Small enhancements to the your current tools to give them a bit of futuristic OP qualities. These could even be considered “runes” that cost a significant amount of XP to acquire and cannot be removed in the grindstone.


An Avid Listener,


Pixel Brew

Round (Crafting) Table

  • LogicalGeekBoy
    • What should Mojang do to keep the Minecraft technical community engaged and why is it important?
  • Jonny
    • Why is the majority of the technical evangelical about efficiency? Why is there now middle ground?
  • Joel
    • What could Mojang do to increase the excitement of exploring the world and entice the player to travel far and wide?

FROM: RebelPlanet

Hey guys!


Firstly, I love your podcast. I’ve been playing Minecraft for years now and your podcast really showcases the best aspects of the Minecraft community. Thanks for doing what you do.


My play style in Minecraft is mainly adventuring and exploration. The idea of something new coming to life around every corner and over the horizon inspires and excites me, and I often find myself spending hours wandering aimlessly around a newly generated world. However, the excitement seems to inevitably decrease and I get bored pretty quickly – especially when survival is no longer an issue. I’m afraid Mojang has not really given players like me much to be excited about in the game for the long term. I mean, once you’ve raided one Woodland Mansion, you’ve raided them all. Buried treasure was promising at first, but how many Hearts of the Sea do we really need? Also, these tasks don’t seem to provide a reward that is worth the effort.


I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think Minecraft would benefit from the addition of a simple quest system that rewards you for raiding Mansions, dungeons, and the like? I think it would give adventure oriented players like me more motivation to get out and explore the world.


Again, I love your show! Keep making cool stuff.

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