The Spawn Chunks 027: What Did You Say, Michael J?

Feb 18, 2019

Jonny and Joel leap into details about the new foxes in the latest Minecraft snapshot, talk about one player’s crafted nation, and reply to a chunk mail question on the direction of Minecraft leaning towards fantasy, or the realm of the future.

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Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: LogicalGeekBoy

Hi guys,


Firstly, thanks so much for this amazing podcast, I listen to the show every week while out on my runs as I try to keep in shape.


Anyway, Pix mentioned wanting to know more about how mob spawning works at the technical level. Well you might be interested in a new series I’m doing with _Methodzz_ from the SciCraft server. It’s called “Dissecting Minecraft” and we’ll be digging into all the technical aspects of the game including mob spawning algorithms in future episodes. This series is aimed at non-technical to semi-technical players in the hope of teaching everyone something they didn’t know before.


I’m not expecting you to read this out (but if you want to give us a plug I’d be more than happy!). Just wanted to make you aware as you might find it useful.


Keep up the great work on the show, I’m really enjoying it.

FROM: Beck P.



I’ve got a couple of questions for you guys.


First, what are your guys’ thoughts on foxes?


And, second, if you had a say in the matter, would you want Minecraft to move towards a more fantasy style, or a more futuristic style?


I’m really enjoying The Spawn Chunks, and I’m glad you’re still going strong!


P.S. Is there any way for us to get the theme song for the show?

Mining & Crafting

Would you prefer Minecraft to move in a fantasy or a futuristic direction if you had a say?

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