The Spawn Chunks 024: 100,000 Blocks on the fWhip Side

Jan 28, 2019

Joel and Pixlriffs welcome special guest fWhip on the first round table episode. We touch briefly on the stone cutter functionality coming in 1.14, then move on to discuss making your Minecraft builds feel alive, Minecraft features that don’t make sense, and how to overcome the overwhelm of a huge project.

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Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM James T.

Hi Joel, Pixlriffs and fWhip,


I really enjoy listening to The Spawn Chunks podcast while grinding for resources. Recently I am having trouble with a castle I am building. It seems very plunked down on top of the land.


My question for fWhip:


What tips do you have for blending builds into the landscape?


Thank you for making good clean content and keep up the good work!

FROM: Fixxitt



Question for fWhip:


So far you have two castles in your (single player) world. What do you think about to try to make them different? What have you learned from the first castle that you’re carrying to the second?

FROM: Cosmic Dancer (Ore Producer, Spawn Chunks Member)

Hi guys,


My question for fWhip:


What is your process for completing big builds/landscaping projects? Do you plan them out in creative first or do you just go for it?


Do you have any advice for a Minecraft player who currently builds quite small scale, but would like to try bigger scale builds at some point?


OK… So, that turned into two questions.

Keep up the awesome work. Thanks!

Round Table

  • fWhip
    • What are the things you add to your builds to make them feel alive?
  • Pixlriffs
    • What features of vanilla Minecraft do you think don’t make any sense?
  • Joel
    • How do you overcome the initial overwhelm of starting a huge project in Minecraft?

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