The Spawn Chunks 023: One Player’s Trash

Jan 21, 2019

Jonny and Joel talk trash, well, talk composting in Minecraft with the new composter block in the latest snapshot, and listener questions about the lectern. Looking ahead to the round table episode next week with special guest fWhip, and thoughts on woodland mansions.

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Minecraft News

  • The first roundtable episode of The Spawn Chunks records next week with our special guest, fWhip!

Chunk Mail

FROM: Dan (gearhead4077)



I was listening to your latest episode (Ep. 22) where you were talking about the redstone capabilities of the new lectern. I am very excited to see the new creations that people can make with it. My first thought was to use the lectern in a train station. Turn the book to page 3, some redstone magic happens, and you can get on a railcar and head right to “Station 3”.


I would love to see something like that but I don’t have the Redstone knowledge to do it myself.


I love the show, and keep it up!

Mining & Crafting

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