The Spawn Chunks 022: A-Camping We Will Go

Jan 14, 2019

Joel and Pixlriffs discuss the first 1.14 snapshot of 2019 that includes a look at the new campfire block, as well as added functionality for the cartography table and the lectern.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Rik Lubkig Spil

RE: Ep. 21, MC_Pitman Realistic Biome Generation


Hey guys, loved the podcast!

Would it be possible to mention OpenTerrainGenerator, the Minecraft Mod that MC_Pitman uses to change the terrain? This world and Biome Bundle are presets (configurations) for the OpenTerrainGenerator mod, the presets configure the terrain and OpenTerrainGenerator does the terrain generation. OTG started in 2010 as BiomeTerrainmod and has had several developers and a number of community contributors over the years. Current developer PG85 picked up the mod early 2016 and added the features that make this new world possible.

The cool thing is that anyone can make a preset for OTG. Of course MC_Pitman is the grand master with Biome Bundle and this amazing world. Thanks to the work of MC_Pitman, we hope to see many more presets and preset creators in the future!

A big gratz to MC_Pitman from Team OTG 🙂

FROM: Orange Pineapple

Hey Joel & Pixlriffs,


I found your show recently when asking a member of my SMP if they knew of any good Minecraft podcasts and I haven’t turned back since!


In Minecraft the main things I do are landscaping and terraforming, the stuff Scar does but not as well. The other day I was making a Deadland area made up of Dead Coral, Coarse Dirt, Podzol and Path Block it was fun but the time making something with a lot of block variation takes a heck of a long time. I was also looking through some 1.12.2 mods for fun and in one of the mods, Quark, I came across an item called a trowel. When crafted it would randomly place blocks in your hotbar and now it is one of the things I crave for in vanilla Minecraft.


I thought I would ask you two if there was anything you remember from modded Minecraft that you think would help out the vanilla experience?


Love the podcast! It’s great fun to listen to when doing long projects. Keep up the great work!

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