The Spawn Chunks 021: Hytale-ing It Into 2019

Jan 7, 2019

Pixlriffs and Joel share what they are looking forward to doing in 2019 as Minecraft players and Minecraft fans in general. Plus a look ahead to Hytale from Hypixel Studios, Minecraft Dungeons and of course, Minecraft 1.14.

Title card art credit: MC Pitman

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Thomas Dragflash

Dear Spawn Chunks Loaders,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hong Kong! I have been listening to your podcast since Johnny advertised it on the Hermit Recap, and that’s right near episode one. I really enjoy listening to you chatting about Minecraft while I play or even just on my way to work.


I was watching one of Xisumavoid’s snapshot videos – One about the last snapshot for 2018 – and it included all the new villager skins and the little belt buckle things to represent trading levels. For some reason, this reminded me of TangoTek’s “Better Villagers” mod, which he designed himself.


What do you think of the new villagers? Should they stay as the farmable, fragile trading stations that they are currently, or be more like the player, like in certain mods? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.


I hope that no matter what happens, that villagers will continue to be a part of the game, for better or for worse.

FROM: LJM Decker

Hey Joel and Pixlriffs – I wanted to tell you about something I learned from a Stampy video about the ender dragon fight. When you try to get the caged end crystals, mine out an iron bar, throw an ender pearl and then break the crystal. If you fall off, you won’t die of fall damage.


I enjoy your podcast and keep doing a great job!

Mining & Crafting

Looking Ahead to Minecraft in 2019

What are our goals in Minecraft for 2019? What are we looking forward to?

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