The Spawn Chunks 019: Fixxitting on The Realm of Vasten

Dec 10, 2018

Joel and Pixlriffs are joined by special guest Fixxitt who is here to talk about The Realm of Vasten, a long standing survival multiplayer world where players share resources and collaborate to build huge fantasy projects in a world rich in history and lore.

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From Cosmic_Dancer (Discord Member)

I’m pretty new to Vasten and from what I’ve seen it’s a super cool concept – can you tell me a little bit about how it started and how it was decided etc? I’m looking forward to going back and watching some earlier series, but it’d be good to understand a bit of background behind it.


Love the show as always guys, you already know this at this point though I’m guessing! 🙂

FROM: Rhys

A couple of questions for Fixxit for the interview with him! 🙂


  1. Why do you build your massive builds in survival, not creative?
  2. When you started the Realm of Vasten, did you plan for the world to be as impressively massive as it is, or did it just sort of happen?

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The Realm of Vasten

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