The Spawn Chunks 016: Vanilla Twist

Nov 19, 2018

We illuminate our listeners with the first look at the lantern in Snapshot 18w46a, chunk mail about what coloured lighting might look like in Minecraft and a discussion on vanilla vs. modded as the lines are becoming blurry.

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Chunk Mail

From: PlatinumJewel2

Hi Joel and Pix,


Thanks for another amazing show. I found today’s show (Ep. 15) very interesting and I have an idea on how different coloured light could be added into Minecraft.


You said that you should be able to use glowstone dust to click on a block and make it a light source or glow but I don’t think this would work or it would be very difficult to implement. So, building on your idea I think that as the nether needs an overhaul anyway, it would be a good opportunity to introduce different colours of glowstone and potentially new biomes. When you break the different glowstone types it would give you different colours of glowstone dust. Then if you click on a light source with that colour of glowstone dust, it would give off that colour hue. (Did I get the right terminology Joel?). This would help with the nether and add more atmosphere to the game.


Your tips in this episode have got me really inspired to mess around with lighting, and I have an awesome idea for a fiery nether tunnel using different light colours.


Thanks again,



Mining & Crafting

What do you consider “vanilla” Minecraft?

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