The Spawn Chunks 015: Hold My Torch

Nov 12, 2018

Pixlriffs and Joel speculate on illager patrol mechanics, give first impressions of the new scaffolding block, and shed light on a few other things including the newly teased lantern block.

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  • Joel
    • Streaming on Twitch (
      • Hooking up the triple spider spawner xp farm to the main Dartmouth Meadows farming water stream.
  • Pixlriffs
    • Streaming on Twitch (
      • Getting back into Sky Factory, making time lapses, trying to remember how to play modded Minecraft and building cool stuff.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: Melanie (MeiLi79)

Dear Joel and Pixlriffs,


I thought about writing in a few weeks ago, but after this past podcast I knew I had to do it now. I am a visually impaired player of Minecraft. You can imagine my surprise when I heard you read mail from someone else who is a visually impaired player of Minecraft. I can only assume we are a tiny population of people, relatively speaking.


I don’t know how impaired Chefman75 is, but I am fortunate enough to not need magnification when playing Minecraft most of the time. I probably miss some details, but I get along pretty well. I will say I am happy one can adjust the print size of menus. It is interesting to me to hear you two talk about textures and shaders in the game. While I do pay attention to how good a block looks, if a particular texture makes it more difficult for me to play the game in some way, I’m not going to use it no matter how much I may want to otherwise. Function always trumps looks for me. Also, I find that shaders make seeing the game more difficult for me, so I don’t use them.


I have to say that my favorite change coming to Minecraft is that we can change the color of text on signs. That will make for much easier reading!


I look forward to all your future podcasts, especially anything to do with game accessibility.


Keep up all your great work!



Mining & Crafting


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