The Spawn Chunks 012: Preaching Phantoms

Oct 22, 2018

Minecraft update 1.13.2 has arrived, squashing bugs and optimizing performance. Dinnerbone teases a potential new feature coming in the Village and Pillage update, the lectern, and Joel and Pixlriffs discuss the membrane of our existence, the Phantom.

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PodBean Review from A Uldahl (Discord Member @AnnagraM):

This is a show for people who like Minecraft. It doesn’t matter if you play yourself, whether you are good or bad, technical or creative, this show will have you covered and entertained. Relax, get a nice cuppa and settle in for an hour of chatting about Minecraft news, game mechanics, interview with Minecrafters and answering listener questions. Joel and Johnny will guide you through and leave you content and a bit wiser on the other side.

From Minerguy:

About the Nether: I think The Nether needs an Item like the elytra. Maybe something that makes you able to fly like in creative mode, but it slows you down so it doesn’t become op. Maybe more blocks like a coarse netherrack, or cracked nether brick, or a lava brick.

I’ve really been enjoying the show! I’ve recently been losing interest in Minecraft, but I still tune in every Monday! I’ve been here since episode 1 and can’t wait till episode 100!

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