The Spawn Chunks 011: Stairway To Nether

Oct 15, 2018

Pixlriffs clears up a few things about what and when MINECON Earth changes are coming to the Java edition of Minecraft. We talk new stairs, slabs and walls that are coming to the game and listener email transports Joel and Pixlriffs into a nether discussion.

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Chunk Mail

From Dosage

Hey guys!

Love your podcast! I wanted to share a bug with you. In Realms, Blazes have an issue where their ranged attack can do a few things:

  1. Kill you instantly.
  2. Instantly destroy your armor.
  3. Give you the effects of a golden apple.
  4. Repair your armor.

50% of the time I get shot by a blaze, one or multiple of these effects happen which completely scares me off venturing into the nether.

I’d love to hear you guys talk about going into the nether in early game and late game!

What gear do you always bring?

Always listening,


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