The Spawn Chunks 010: Welsknight’s Kingdom

Oct 8, 2018

Joel and Pixlriffs welcome special guest Welsknight to the podcast for a chat about his creative process in Minecraft. From building his Kingdoms to becoming part of Hermitcraft, to modded Minecraft and moderate sleep deprivation. Pull on your building boot and enjoy.

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From Cosmic_Dancer (Discord Member)

Hi Pixlriffs – Hi Joel

When my daughter ‘watched’ the last podcast, she heard you were taking questions for Wels, who is one of her favourite Hermits, and she wrote down a question for him for me to email in to the show – so here’s her question!

From “Little Cosmic Dancer”

Hi Welsknight! I want to first say that i love watching your videos on YouTube. You’re one of my favourite Hermits and I love your Kingdoms series. I love playing Minecraft and one of my favourite things to do is building and, as I know you’re a really good builder, I wanted to know what are your top three tips for planning and completing a good build in Minecraft?

From AnnaGram (Discord Member)

Hello Spawn Chunks!

Wels, as a full time YouTuber, how do you manage your time between screen time and private life? How do you most efficiently add more time, or remove time spent on your (YouTube) work?

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