Sep 17, 2018

Joel addresses an important artistic point brought up in Chunk Mail and Pixlriffs leads a discussion on Minecraft generated structures. From villages to woodland mansions, jungle temples and shipwrecks, we discuss current structures and speculate on new ones.

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Minecraft News

This bit of MINECON news dropped immediately after we finished recording The Spawn Chunks this week. We wanted to include a link to it in the show notes and let everyone know that we will add it as a news topic to discuss next week on the show for Episode 8.

From @Minecraft on Twitter

Chunk Mail

Hi Pixlriffs – Hi Joel It is interesting to listen to artists talk about color temperature and of course you guys know all about that stuff, but I doubt a fisherman building his fishing hut would care and would use whatever blocks are available. I think in Minecraft it is easy to caught up in aesthetics, and we forget the practical realism that also exists in the world. Things don’t always match, and I feel that should be represented in the world as well. A fishing village is a working town, and you are going to have some mismatch in the structures because the fisherman are going to use what is available. In addition to cobble a coral block here and there would probably be something you would find. Love the show. Richard C.

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