Sep 3, 2018

September is MINECON month! Find a watch party near you or watch from home. Jappa – as if on queue – has some new block textures to share and Pixlriffs and Joel lead you down the long chest filled corridor of Minecraft storage.

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Spawn Chunks Mailbox

Hi Joel and Pix,

Just listened to episode 4 and wanted to give some input ahead of your data pack discussion.

I would love to get my hands on a data pack that allows you to give shulker boxes block textures. So, instead of using a dye in the crafting grid, you could put a prismarine brick in the (crafting) grid then you would get a prismarine brick textured shulker box to store your prismarine bricks in.

This would fall under the “quality of life” category and would make organization easier without being cheaty.

If any of your more technical listeners are inclined, they would receive eternal gratitude and karma.


Mining & Crafting

Pixlriffs’ storage on the Decidedly Vanilla server.

Joel’s storage on The Citadel server.

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