Aug 27, 2018

Joel and Pixlriffs discuss resource packs. What are they? Do we use them? What do we like? Also, Minecraft 1.13.1 has been released and it has fixed some issues, for some people, some of the time.

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Minecraft News

  • Minecraft 1.13.1 Released (
    • MC-3927 – Iron golems spawning in slabs, glass, farmland and grass path.
    • MC-134889 – Iron golems spawn in air blocks
    • MC-33383 – Lag while taking screenshot with F2 in single player
    • MC-96998 – End Cities / Woodland Mansions don’t generate completely when interrupting generation
    • MC-131029 – Villager door detection range has changed
    • MC-136157 – Explosion radius increased
    • MC-136226 – Mobs require 2 blocks of air to spawn at all times now.
  • Known issues with 1.13.1
    • Boats on ice roads are less reliable and can cause a player to glitch through the block below the boat when exiting the boat.
    • Flower water updates still causing drops in frame rate.

Mining & Crafting





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