The Spawn Chunks 159: Snap Back To Reality

Sep 20, 2021 | podcast

Jonny and Joel tackle the huge new snapshot for The Caves & Cliffs Update, Part 2, and a listener email about high hopes for archaeology, and Minecraft collectables.

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  • Joel
    • Started building some barracks and a mess hall on the north side of the river in Westhill on The Citadel server.
    • Trying to branch out with roof textures – spruce and dark oak are getting repetitive – so tried out smooth basalt and deepslate bricks.
    • Struggling to find the right mod pack / mod combo for a modded Minecraft experience. 
  • Jonny
    • Transported two elder guardians into a servermate’s base on Empires SMP as a fun prank to take them down a peg.
    • Clearing out geodes to aid in harvesting amethyst crystals on the Hardcore Survival Guide, and pondering the most effective way to collect amethyst.

Chunk Mail

FROM: m_axi
SUBJECT: Rooting for Archaeology

Hey Pix and Joel! 

What do you guys think about shortening ‘Experimental Snapshot’ to ExSnap? It’s fun, it’s cool and it’s… snappy 😉 

I have been thinking about gilded blackstone… a lot. It’s such a good looking block, yet difficult to obtain because it’s not craftable and it’s only discoverable in a Bastion. It has a magical aura about it, similar to crying obsidian, and while it is a ‘specialised’ block, in that it can’t be used for a lot of things, when it is used, it looks incredible. And that is the beauty of gilded blackstone and crying obsidian – they’re difficult to obtain huge amounts of them. You have to be selective with where you use it, which creates a super cool feel when you spot them in your builds! 

I would love more blocks like these in the game, that have a more collectible feel about them, not in the ‘en masse’ way of collecting other easy-to-obtain blocks. I think archaeology could provide us with not only more groovy blocks, but also items and artefacts that make collecting a viable part of gameplay. Think about collecting in Stardew Valley or Terraria! It would provide a different direction for players to choose to partake in, while incorporating Minecraft’s two main gameplay components, adventure and building. (I’m sure redstone components could also be included in archaeology). 

Anyway, I think it can be difficult for some players to see archaeology in Minecraft being particularly fun or useful, but there is so much potential! Thanks for making such a great podcast!

m_axi gilded himself into blackstone.

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Big Ol’ Snapshot Drop

Jonny and Joel recap the development of the experimental snapshots, culminating in the single snapshot that dropped this week. Even though the dust of the sweeping changes has settled, the fine tuning is yet to come. Most features showcased in the experimental snapshots have been included in snapshot 21W37A, some have not. Even in it’s current state, the snapshot is a lot to digest.