The Spawn Chunks 155: The Great GeminiTay

Aug 23, 2021 | podcast

Joel welcomes GeminiTay back to the podcast to discuss beach front property, and getting around in Minecraft 1.18. Gem and Joel also discuss her recent adventures on the Hermitcraft and Empires servers, as well as YouTube milestones, and the challenges of creating Minecraft content full time.

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Guest Host

  • GeminiTay
    • GeminiTay is a long time Minecraft content creator recently celebrating 10 years and 1 million subscribers on YouTube! Currently keeping busy on both the Hermitcraft and Empires survival multiplayer servers.


  • GeminiTay
    • Hermitcraft
      • Currently working on designing my Hermitcraft base, a cottagecore take on a woodland palace.
      • Working with Doc, Ran and Pearl this week was an absolute joy.
    • Empires
      • A personal challenge to be more bold in character and role-play as a wizard on the server.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Birder24
SUBJECT: Traversing New Caves & Cliffs

Hello Joel (and GeminiTay),

Before going to the end, the primary mode of transportation is walking.  I am slightly concerned that traversing these new caves and cliffs on foot will be tedious and slow.  Especially once we get more used to 1.18, the novel feeling of this terrain generation will steadily wear off, and I can see myself eventually getting annoyed by the very slow overworld travel and constant jumping.

For one, sprinting resets if you “hit” a block by not timing a jump correctly, meaning it will not be possible to sprint up these mountains. Pillaring up and using a water bucket to get down down aren’t very fast.  Something interesting I noticed is that both of these solutions use generic mechanics.  Items like ladders, which you might expect players to use to climb, are simply not practical compared to the good old dirt pillar.  Perhaps Mojang could expand ladder functionality or add some other climbing mechanic or item.

Don’t get me wrong, these terrain changes are absolutely stunning.  However, at the current (very experimental) iterations, terrain generation is still very mountainous, despite the latest tweaks to have more flat areas.  In my opinion, elytra will become even more essential, causing players to “speedrun” the early game.  Horses may become more commonly used, since they can run up one block without needing to jump.

What are your thoughts about travelling in this snapshot in survival?

Do you think Mojang needs to revisit transportation, especially vertical transportation, in the early game?

Would love to hear your opinions and thanks for the amazing podcast,

Birder24 (who doesn’t want to resort to auto-jump)

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The Transition To Full Time Content Creation

Joel and GeminiTay discuss her recent transition from full time student to full time Minecraft content creation, the road to achieving one million subscribers on YouTube, and what life is like now maintaining content for both the Hermitcraft and Empires servers.