The Spawn Chunks 154: Spawning Experiments Resurface

Aug 16, 2021 | podcast

Joel and Jonny discuss the latest changes in Experimental Snapshot 3 for Minecraft: The Caves & Cliffs Update, then answer listener email about long standing game mechanics, connected oceans, and organizing player inventory.

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  • Jonny
    • Expanding a river on the Empires SMP with plans to add floating shops along the river.
    • Working on a castle in Minecraft RTX with coloured accent lighting.
    • Played in, and did a stream in hardcore in Experimental Snapshot 3.

Minecraft News

Chunk Mail

FROM: BilboStomper
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Member
SUBJECT: Would Mojang Ever Change This?

Hi, Joel and Pix, Bilbostomper from the Discord here! Love the show! 

I’ve never been a computer gamer, but a little less than a year ago my daughter introduced me to Minecraft and I was hooked. I really love the game and listening to your podcast has been a lot of help, but as a new player there are some things I find strange and unintuitive, and I was wondering if you guys think Mojang will ever change them.

1) You need three steps to get from Cobblestone to Smooth Stone Slabs, but only one step to go from Cobbled Deepslate to Polished Deepslate Slabs. Do you think Mojang will ever standardize crafting recipes for similar items?

2) If you manage to trap a Piglin Brute in a boat, he just sits there. Do you think Mojang will ever make it possible for *hostile* mobs to get out of boats or minecarts?

3) The world outside is infinite, but I often see players cramming villagers and other mobs into very small spaces. Do you think Mojang will ever require mobs to have more free space to be able to grow/breed/trade efficiently?

Thank you for answering my noob-ish questions! 🙂

Bilbostomper was möösed by a mööse

FROM: GundarHStriker
DISCORD MEMBER: Landscape Artist Memeber
SUBJECT: Inventory

Hi Pix and Joel,

I have a quick idea for an inventory-clutter-solution that I haven’t heard yet on the show.

A lot of games have an auto-sort button that usually regroups all items in your inventory and lays them out in alphabetical, color, or some other categorical order.

I think having a button like this is an easy addition that would save a minute or two each time you reorganize a chest, shulker box, and most importantly, your own inventory.

May the chunks be with you,


FROM: Mersobo
SUBJECT: The Future Of Land To Ocean Ratio

Hi guys, 

I just finished watching Pixlriff’s video on Experimental Snapshot 3. With all the changes being made to terrain generation and biome temperatures, I’ve been hoping to hear some news concerning how the land to ocean ratio could be addressed.

Currently, Minecraft worlds are generated as an endless interconnected landmass , leaving oceans landlocked. Oceans pre-Minecraft 1.7 were, understandably, changed due to their excessive size and lack of content as well as the addition of many new biomes, and the biome temperature system. Between the Update Aquatic injecting life into oceans and the new possibilities apparent in multi-noise generation, I feel that a continental world with interconnected oceans – just slightly larger in size to current ones – would be a monumental change.

Mojang has been making great strides towards improving overall adventuring, and exploration and if one’s world were broken up by an ocean instead of land, I think it would only reinforce this goal.

Yours, Mersobo

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