The Spawn Chunks 145: Minecraft 1.17 First Impressions

Jun 14, 2021 | podcast

Jonny and Joel share their first impressions of The Caves & Cliffs Update: Part 1, answer listener email about new Minecraft 1.17 features, and discuss the gates between players, and new blocks in the game.

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  • Joel
    • Went through the process of backing up, trimming, and updating mods and data packs for The Citadel server.
    • Divided gameplay time between building a small smokehouse behind the butcher shop in the medieval town, and hunting around the countryside for new blocks.
      • Eventually had enough dripstone to start a small, manual dripstone farm.
  • Jonny
    • Lanunched The Hardcore Survival Guide series with an incredible start with a village, zombie spawner, and flower forest.
    • Launched the Empires Server series along with ten other content creators, each with a claim to a biome or region with unique resources.
      • The aim is to encourage trade – or war – over resources on the server, all in good fun among “frenemies”.

Chunk Mail

FROM: Ace2000
SUBJECT: Obtaining Stages Of Oxidised Copper

Hello Jonny and Joel,

I really like listening to the podcast and hope you are enjoying 1.17. I was watching Episode 3 of  Jonny’s Hardcore series, and a question came to my mind about Copper’s oxidation. We can wax copper at any stage we want, or we can let it fully oxidize, then remove oxidation with an axe, and wax it at the desired state.

What do you think is the better way to get oxidised copper? Waxing copper at different stages or letting it fully oxidise and then remove oxidation?

Thanks for such a wonderful show.

Keep chasing the screaming goat!


FROM: Taylor M.
SUBJECT: Copper And Resource Packs

Dear Joel and Pixlriffs,

Now that 1.17 has been out for a week, there are a lot of new ideas for quality of life features, one of which is now a part of the Vanilla Tweaks resource packs. What it does is it gives waxed Copper items a special yellow border, but rather than changing the placed blocks, it only gives this border to the items in the inventory to help you find them easier and tell them apart from copper that still needs to age or be waxed.

I was wondering if you guys think that this kind of subtle change should make its way into the base game or not. I really appreciate your senses of humor in the podcast, and I hope that you never stop making content on both of your channels.


Taylor, who was skewered by a falling stalactite!

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First Impressions of The Caves & Cliffs Update: Part 1

Jonny and Joel share their first gameplay experiences in The Caves & Cliffs Update: Part 1. Jonny in new single player and multiplayer environments, and Joel on an established world where more options and available tools help unlock new content faster despite it being farther afield. There is still a conversation to be had to how gated, and quirky, some of the new Caves & Cliffs features are.