The Spawn Chunks 141: A Birthday Without Candles

May 17, 2021 | podcast

Jonny and Joel light a candle for candles, listen for clues on the future of sculk sensors, and celebrate Minecraft’s birthday before bundling together some listener email for the May Chunk Mail Dispenser.

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  • Joel
    • Found goats, moss blocks, and azalea saplings in this week’s snapshot adventures.
      • Built a bee farm, mob ditch and revised the dripstone farm.
    • Completed the spice merchant build in the medieval town on The Citadel server.
    • Spent the weekend fixing and upgrading old villager crop farms in Dartmouth Meadows.
      • And naturally, fighting with villagers.
  • Jonny
    • Working hard on the structure of the Survival Guide Museum, putting work on exhibits on hold.
    • Planning and preparing for the upcoming shift from The Nether Update to The Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1.

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Chunk Mail

FROM: Doug K.
SUBJECT: The Signpost Up Ahead

Hi Joel and Jonny,

I am currently playing in a seed where I can’t find a jungle to save my life. I’d really like a signpost in-game instead of “divine inspiration” (i.e., using map apps to find out where to go). How about a high-level cartographer trade for a map to a random rare biome?  After all, if the game can give me a map to a Woodland Mansion that may literally be thousands of blocks away, how about a map to a jungle? Also, I may have to work several cartographers up to max level before I get the biome I want, so it won’t be super easy this way.

Achievement earned: sent email to The Spawn Chunks



FROM: Jokera
SUBJECT: The “Missing Blocks” of Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1

Hello Jonny and Joel,

As 1.17 begins to wrap up development, I can’t help but feel that this update is missing blocks that, at least to me, should have been no-brainers by now. Tuff and Calcite, while neat blocks to add to the list of decorative stones, feel underdeveloped with missing slabs, stairs, walls, and polished versions. Dripstone is another block that I think could make for a really good Overworld version of Basalt, but still seemingly is just getting the one block. I don’t think that these not having variants is necessarily bad, but with how the Nether Update did the same thing by leaving behind Red Nether Bricks and Quartz Brick variants I can’t help but feel this is setting a precedent going forward that I feel is not exactly healthy for the game. I’d like to know how you feel about these seemingly missing blocks, and probably by the time you’ve read this most of those will already exist.

Keep on with the Great Work,


FROM: KingBarlius
SUBJECT: Goats And Horns

After Ep 140, I’ve been wondering about the horns of goats. If they were to drop and be used, I think it would be a great auditory implementation. Purely having jukeboxes and note blocks feels clunky and immobile. Audio is such a big part of games. What other more portable auditory items/methods would you think would be a great addition to the game? 



FROM: Dosage – Community Miner

Hello to my favourite podcasters!

I’ve been just finally catching up on the podcasts and in the last podcast, 136, you guys mention customization in Destiny and WoW. For all the things in Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons that you can customize, one thing I would love to hear you both chat about your Minecraft skins.

What is your skin?

Did you design them?

What tools/resources are available?

What tool/resources have you both used?

Do you ever change you skin?

Side question, what emotes do you use on bedrock?

Thanks for reading, Stay Chunky!