The Spawn Chunks 138: The Vein Of Our Existence

Apr 26, 2021

Joel and Jonny mine through ore veins, dripstone growth, and another pass at the raw ore, and raw ore block textures before answering listener email in the April Chunk Mail Dispenser.

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  • Joel
    • Survival snapshot playthrough starting over with Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot 21W16A.
      • Twitch series will focus on new blocks. Hoping to find a geode soon!
      • Did not use The Caves & Cliffs Prototype datapack.
      • Reused the same seed though, and found iron in the first ten minutes.
    • Put together a closed loop bulk storage system under the keep in the medieval town. It was time.
      • Technically up and running. Honey blocks were used for their technical properties in the build.
      • Aesthetically the build will look like a basement distillery, making honey mead.
    • The Citadel – Deep Keep Storage Part 1 (
    • The Citadel – Deep Keep Storage Part 2 (
    • The Citadel – Deep Keep Storage Part 3 (
  • Jonny
    • Hunting for giant ore veins in Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot 21W16A
    • April Clash Of The Creators, and we came in first!

Chunk Mail

FROM: Dosage – Community Miner Member
SUBJECT: Starting A New World

NOTE: Email sent on April 10th, before The Caves & Cliffs Split announcement.

Hey, Johnny and Hey Joel!

I am getting really excited for this new update! World generation is getting a significant change and there’s going to be a lot of new features. I’ve been thinking of restarting my single player world. I wanted to ask you both if you have any process for choosing a new world seed. What are some other methods and/or resources out there to help pick out a world? Do you just click generate and immediately start punching trees without any seed research? I would love to know how you both pick out your starting area location as well. (After the starting hole/cave people usually dig out). Lastly, do you have any plans for your patreon worlds?

Thanks for reading, and of course stay chunky!


(By the way, Restarting The Citadel would be cool, but I would miss seeing all of the progress your community has made, Joel).

FROM: PianoMacPower
SUBJECT: The Axolotl Question

Hey Pix and Joel,

I was looking at the Minecraft Launcher Changelog the other day, and I noticed that there was a string of Standard Galactic Alphabet (Enchantment Table) at the bottom of the changelog: 

 T⍑ᒷ ᔑ ̇/𝙹ꖎ𝙹ℸ ̣ ꖎᓭ ᔑ∷ᒷ リ𝙹ℸ ̣  ∴⍑ᔑℸ ̣  ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ|| ᓭᒷᒷᒲ

Which translates to:  The axolotls are not what they seem

Any thoughts?

Love the show,


FROM: Steven W.


I was thinking about the use of wax to stop copper from oxidizing and another use of it occurred to me; has it been discussed before to use wax to stop Redstone circuits from being washed away by water? 

Having just experienced this again in my item sorter, it sure would be nice to prevent that from happening. Waxed redstone dust and other redstone devices (comparators, repeaters, redstone torches) could then stand up to an accidental water spill. 

Stay chunky, 


FROM: Orca
SUBJECT: A Batty Idea

Hi Joel and Pixelriffs, I’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming update to Minecraft and I’ve noticed there isn’t really anything being done with bats. With bats being in Minecraft for so long and because they’re usually found in caves, I was hoping they might get some kind of small update, but as of yet I haven’t seen anything that would really do much for them.

Recently I was chatting with someone and the topic of bats dropping bat wings for potions came up. That got me thinking and I started wondering if maybe there could be a special drop from bats or a rarer variation of bat that dropped an item that could help with the issue of really dark caves in some way. I also thought a bit about how in real life caves, there are sometimes large colonies of bats and how that might be interesting to see in a Minecraft world. 

What do you guys think?


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